Taurean Grey, creator of Shuttrthugg Photography, is a creator of moments. Going by the name Shuttrthugg, he has a passion for Photography and HipHop. He picked up the hobby watching his grandfather as he was a photographer back in his day. He finds peace in photography whether he is working with a client or two or just out in nature shooting wildlife, or running a busy street in some major city. find art in everything and enjoy it.

Growing up in Hillside, NJ he believes it's very easy to be turned away from your dreams or loose ambition. Photography has worked hand in hand with Hip-hop to keep him on the right path in life. For that, he shares a talent that he has crafted with anyone willing to work with him. So, if there are photographs to be taken, he will be there to fulfill that need.

Website: https://www.shuttrthugg.com/

Instagram: @shuttrthugg