The definition of a rough diamond is this: a person who is generally of good character but lacks manners, education, or style; a diamond in the rough. But over here, we reject being defined that way, and instead, embrace the notion that we don’t have to look sophisticated to be educated. It all starts from within.

Most people would say that the name of our brand, Rough Diamond—a play-on-words for a diamond in the rough—from the 1992 version of Aladdin. Some might even say it was derived from an expression in an excerpt of John Fletchers 1624 “A Wife for a Month”: “She is very honest, and will be as hard to cut as a rough diamond”. Well, you would be half right about the first one. But the name came from a song our founder, Carmen Richardson, wrote for her childhood best friend who at the time (back in 2018) confessed to her their deep struggle with their image. And because of her love for her friend and her care for her, she wrote the song to bring encouragement. And thus, Rough Diamond Clothing Co. was born.

Rough Diamond Clothing Co. is made to feel like a walking treasure. Your outward appearance should not only be your influence but also your character which stems from the heart. By investing in yourself through self-care, you will find that treasure in no time.


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