Wanna look fly while dressed from head-to-toe in vintage? Eat.Sleep.Chic is the place for you! An online destination for everything vintage, Eat.Sleep.Chic creates 100% recycled goods curated for your please.

Ayanna Swan is the owner and creator of Eat.Sleep.Chic. At the young age of 24, she knew she wanted a change. She always loved fashion and styling but always found herself at a 9-5 job that made her unfulfilled and tiresome. At 23, she pursued her degree for Fashion Design at the Art Institute and never looked back. From there, her talents have expanded to fashion styling and even hair. She has always felt a need for an all-in-one site that busy women and men can turn to for all fashion related things. This is a haven for individuals needing styling on all levels. We curate and hand-make sportswear that is unisex and unique. All of their pieces are made from 100% recycled items that needed some love. We also sell unique vintage items that every woman or man will love!

From this journey, Eat.Sleep.Chic hopes to inspire other men & women to go after their dreams and be in business for themselves. We have so many talents and uniqueness bred into our DNA, that we should use what God created and do for ourselves what others wouldn't. When you come to our website, you are getting an experience like no other. Her friendly presence and speedy service gives her customers a great experience. Come book your appointment today and be the bold new you with an effortlessly beautiful new look that will make heads turn!

Website: https://shopeatsleepchic.com/

Facebook: @eatsleepchic

Instagram: @eatsleepchic