Jazmin Norman


Bureau is one of my long-standing dreams finally coming to fruition! My passion for uplifting and networking within the black community dates back as far as I can remember. Growing up and running my business in Essex County, New Jersey has taught me to value the importance of entrepreneurship, culture, support, and building generational wealth.

Watching Killer Mike’s Trigger Warning, and seeing him struggle to “live black” by patronizing only blacked owned establishments, which seemed impossible, further fueled my passion to pursue my business plan. Therefore, I decided to create a recognizable image to be displayed in businesses worldwide, broadcasting that it is a black owned establishment.
This image can be displayed anywhere from storefronts, company vehicles, websites, work attire, and all other desired marketing merchandise.

Now, more than ever, is the time to keep the black community united. As a consumer, I do not mind going the extra mile, to support a fellow black owned business. In fact, it is quite a fulfilling experience, knowing that I am doing my part to keep the black dollar circulating within our community. I am hoping you will join me in my efforts to encourage and support our communities’ journey to financial independence.

Our Mission: We strive to create a network of quality black owned businesses, that are easily identifiable, to service the needs of the black community, in an effort to continue to motivate entrepreneurial ventures amongst us.


The Black Owned Business Bureau’s Vision:

  • We strive to become a globally recognized entity.

  • Stimulate wealth for the black community.

  • Create a form of easy and simple communication through symbolism.

  • Maintain an interactive directory enabling consumers to find and connect with Black Owned

  • Businesses.

  • When you see the B.O.B symbol, no words need to be spoken!